You can purchase using a credit, debit or prepaid card, or via your PayPal account. 

Cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard and Carta Aura. If you use a prepaid card or a disposable card, remember to keep it after the purchase since it may serve for a possible chargeback. We show prices and accept payment in the following currencies: Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars.

We guarantee that every purchase is made in total security through the PayPal platform. All information provided during the payment process will be used by Giovanni Raspini Shop just to complete the purchase process, they will be protected from unauthorized access and will in no case be preserved. 

Once you have completed the order, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order number and a summary of your purchase details. You will receive a second email from the shipping company that will provide you with a tracking number. Remember that you can check the status of your order at any time in the appropriate section of your account. 
The amount will be charged at the time of your order confirmation.



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